Exporting SubD as obj

Does anyone know how to export a subd object as an obj file? I want to 3D print it but the only file type I can use is obj or stl. It says exported but when I open the obj file its empty.

Thank you!!!

You can do this in a few ways. The easiest is to save the open file as an Obj. Use the options that pop up to create a polygonal mesh and then in the Mesh section of the Obj options dialog you can pick the subdivision level for the SubD surface > mesh conversion. Alternately, you can use the Mesh command and make a mesh from your SubD first if you want to edit the mesh as well before saving to Obj.

If the Obj file was empty after saving it, that could be due to something chosen in the settings when saving or maybe an issue with the app where you opened it.

Thank you so much Brian! Making meshes from subd objects worked great.

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