Exporting Rhino model to mill on Model Master Milling Machine

hello everyone,
I own a CNC machine (Micron Model Master M900-3017) that reads milling paths through Art2Part and import projects/objects from ArtCam. I do not use ArtCam anymore because I switched to Rhino.
I would like to find out if anyone out there can tell me how to make a milling path in Rhino to export as mmg so I can uploaded to cut on the machine. Or if there is another cutting software that I can use for the machine that is compatible with Rhino.
Unfortunately Model Master does not exist anymore so I cannot go back to them for support and it would be shame to stop using the milling machine for not having compatible software. I do not have much experience but I have to start somewhere :slight_smile:

I would really appreciate any suggestions.

Can you provide a sample file that it reads in this mmg format?

If it’s not too different from standard g-code, then you may be able to get up and running from a wide variety of CAM programs like MeshCAM for example.


Thanks Jonathan, i believe is pretty close to standard G code. I can dig
into my old files for a sample of the mmg but I don’t have big hopes of
finding anything readable.
I will try out your suggestions of MeshCAM it sounds like a possible
solution :slight_smile: