Exporting Rhino and bringing into Navisworks

Anyone know the best export option for bringing surfaces into Navisworks? I tried IGES and DWG, yet the surfaces appear jagged near the edges. I tried smaller tolerance options, yet no luck. The surfaces I’m working with are from a large ship roughly 500+ feet in length.


How do you mean this? Is this a shaded display, or are the actual surface edges (wireframe view) jagged in some way? Can you post an example?

Jagged was probably not the best choice in words. You can see here the yellow hull edges are not smooth in Navisworks, but has straight edges instead. I want it to be smooth without using STL as my Rhino export.

@ShubinJ changes the Faceting Factor for dwg/dxf in the options dialog box.

Thanks djnelson​75 !!
This worked !! At first it didn’t work, but then these settings MUST be made prior to appending a file.


Here is a new option…RhinoToNavisworks, a free Navisworks plug-in

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