Exporting Plans

Hi There
I am very new to rhino.
I have designed an piece which I now need to send the plans to a manufacturer for a quote.

What is the best way to get different views of the piece, along with dimensions, out of rhino?
I tried saving it as a pdf but the dimensions become too small to read due to scaling as the project is 2.2 by 1.6m


You can change the style of the dimensions that you are using.
Go to Document Properties > Annotation > Dimensions > [the style that you used] and change text height, line lengths, …

If I change it to a bigger style I (eg architectural) I loose the decimal points.
For exmaple the number is 1000.50 but when I change the style, it displays it as 1000.

Hi Asher - try editing the style, rather than changing to a different one…


When I save it as a pdf it always changes the view to wire-frame. Is there anyway to make it save as a pdf, having the rendered or shaded look?

Yes, you have to set the Output Type to Raster Output.

I tried that. In the preview pdf it changes to rendered, but then when I open up the saved file its the wire-frame version.