Exporting pattern as a vector file

Hello Forum.
I’d like to export a pattern as a vector file.
I’ve looked at other threads and tried their suggestions…without success.
Can you help?

Pa_question.gh (19.0 KB)

Hi -
You’ve use a plug-in that I’m not installing …

… but it looks like you are getting surfaces out of all of this:

Won’t the edges of these provide what you need downstream?

Hello there @wim
Perhaps…but how do save the edges as a vector file?
Maybe I need to save the Rhino file…or export via Rhino(?).

Hi Jason -

I was thinking that you would bake the result to Rhino and export from there, yes.
Alternatively, you would need a plug-in for Grasshopper that lets you export these curves as DXF or SVG. A quick look shows that Aviary exports to SVG and Pancake to any format that is supported by Rhino. There might be others.

Hello there @wim
Thanks for the suggestions. I’m also exploring Elefront.

This is the issue I have with the baking from Rhino:

Pa_question_v3.gh (20.6 KB)

Hi @jason_morenikeji

It looks like the Kaleidoscope module outputs a bunch of invalid curves. I rebuilt the curves and everything works fine (at least baking-wise).

:rofl: Apologize that Pancake cannot export SVG because Rhino’s SVG exporter requires user interaction. For that you will need Aviary.

You may use Pancake to export DXF.

You don’t need to bake geometry with Pancake. It will do it for you.

Hello there @submillimetre,
I added the Rebuild Curve - thanks for spotting that.
But the baking doesn’t include the blue pattern (just the extruded yellow shape) when I generate the DXF file.