Exporting model to IGS is failing

I’m simply trying to export a model to an IGS format. I get a beachball for a while then I see a nice message at the top right of OS X (Mavericks) that says the process is complete. However if I look on my hard drive, in the folder I saved to, I see no IGS file created. The other weird thing however, is that when I start the export process I do indeed see a file named something.igs, but the moment after I see the message stating the export process is finished the file disappears.

Any suggestions on this? Unfortunately I can not share the file with you, but was wondering if there were any work arounds?

One other tidbit, this happens when I select File > Export Selected, and choose the IGS default format. I’m going to try other formats now.


I’m not seeing this in Mac Rhino build 515 so I suspect it has something to do with the specific file. Can you test some other files to check? If it turns out to be file specific, what can you tell me about the file? Size or if it was imported from somewhere else for instance.

Thanks for the reply Brian. So the STP file I’m opening in Rhino for Mac is about 600MB and originally was created in Solidworks. It takes quite a while for it to import/open, but once it’s open I can see everything (although it’s barely interactive at that point due to all of the objects).

I believe it’s just too much for it to handle because I’ve tested exporting individual objects from the STP file as IGS files and it works fine. The IGS file is written and all is well. I’ve also decided that OBJ is the way to go however, since I’m really just trying to get this into Cinema 4D for animation/rendering. Unfortunately the OBJ’s I’ve exported from Rhino are somewhat messy with all of the triangulation. So, I’m now exporting individual pieces from Rhino, opening the objects into MoI 3D, then finally exporting clean OBJ’s from MoI 3D. The option to allow n-gons in MoI is great and it helps me tremendously in Cinema 4D when I have to select areas for texturing etc.

Ironically, Rhino will open the large 600MB STP file, MoI 3D will not, and MoI 3D exports clean geometry while Rhino does not. :smile:

You might try QuadrangulateMesh to reduce the tris. Weld is also helpful in my experience unless you have edge split modifiers in your poly package.

Rhino 6 has plans to support ngons too but this would not be in the first version of Mac Rhino.