Exporting file for Eneo3D

Hello there,

I would like to open a 3D model made with Rhino6 for Windows in Apple Motion (basically Aftereffects) through a 3D plugin called Eneo3D.

At the moment I can’t see my model on the software and I am wondering if I am using the correct options for file exportations.

Is there anyone that can help with this?

Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:

Hi - you might want to ask the makers of Eneo3D about this but just a few questions:

  • Did selecting ‘Generate UVs…’ in the 3D menu do anything?
  • Which file formats can be imported?
  • Do you have a sample of a file that “doesn’t work” and one of a file that does work?


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HI Wim,

thanks for your wise advice. I still haven’t solved the issue but i forward this questions to my colleague that is taking care of the animation.
It’s impossible to keep up with all these new softwares!