Exporting closed polysrfs from Rhino creates bad geometry for Solidworks

I have this super simple mesh from SketchUp (sigh, not my choice!) that I brought into Rhino 7. Definitely some weird stuff going on but Rhino reports closed meshes. I quadrangulate to make things nice, then meshtonurb and everything looks perfect:

But when I export the polysrfs as a STEP or save as a Rhino file and then import into Solidworks it tells me there is no solid geometry in the model at all! :frowning:

I’m trying to figure out why such simple objects are failing to import into SW.

I’ve attached one of the objects (the full design is proprietary but one object should suffice). It reopens fine in Rhino and even Dassault’s eDrawings viewer loads it no problem, but SW chokes! :frowning:

Is it a face direction thing? I tried to unifymeshnormals and it said they’re all in the same direction.

When I export an STL, SW can import that ok. Everything shows up (but some of the Rhino closed polysrfs are brought in as surfaces in that case). I was hoping to not have to go that route because it seems like all the nice stuff that you do to process the mesh in Rhino for whatever reason does not translate to SW. It still has loads of triangles and errors.

Thanks very much in advance!

Test.stp (13.0 KB)

Hello- the object in the step file, as far as I can see, is a perfectly valid solid… what is the exact error message, if any, from SW?


Pascal to the rescue as always! Haha.

So, when I import it into SW it parses the file, trims the surfaces like normal but then nothing loads.

And when I did the larger file (saved as a 3DM) with 80 objects it pops up with this message:


And yet it clearly does. It shows up in any other software! So maybe this is some weird Solidworks issue but…I haven’t had it before. :confused:

Just to be sure - the object is a fair distance off the grid - in the version that appears to parse the file, but load nothing… is it out of view? I know you’d see it in the tree but… just making sure


You’re onto something again!

I think the world size is too big relative to the objects?

I turned on 3D interconnect in solidworks so it would maintain the link between the test file and the SW file and I got a new error:


So something strange is going on.

OK, this is the solution:

The file came from Revit, which has huge distances from the origin. The model is too far from the origin relative to its absolute size.

I will move everything to the origin and it will probably be fixed. I’ll let you know!

Edit: This was the problem. Always something new!

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