Exporting alembic grasshopper animation to Keyshot?

Hi . I was wondering if it was possible to render an animation I want to make in GH to Keyshot.
Maybe someone experienced this workflow.

Thanks a lot!

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You are not alone! Unfortunately I have not found a solution to this problem yet.

Apparently you can export fra? files from Creo to Keyshot…

@DavidRutten help please

My guess is that this won’t become possible (unless somebody comes up with a hack), since McNeel have their own animation suite for Rhino - called Bongo -, and would lose licensing income if they’d open this up freely to standard Grasshopper users.
My guess is that Grasshopper animations are already are sore point! Anybody notice the disappearance of the Counter component in Kangaroo 2?
But hey, I might be wrong. :wink:

Hi @diff-arch,
There’s no particular conspiratorial reason for not including the Counter component in K2, just an oversight.
It can be recreated with 4 lines of code

I can also put it back in as a standard component for the next version.

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