Exported Step File ist empty


i am very new to Grashopper and Rhino, and i think i do something wrong.

I have downlaoded and install all the programms and the files i need to create a (couple of) gyroid from the youtube tutorial.

everything works fine and i can change my gyroid how i want , thicknes etc…

when i save as step-file, every step file is empty. If i try to read the step-file with other programs , there is nothing, Inventor/eDrawings etc…

why ?

Thank you

If you created the objects in Grasshopper, did you bake them into Rhino afterwards? If the objects in GH were not baked, then there will be nothing to export in the Rhino file. GH geometry is virtual until you bake it.

Oh yes, i forgott to bake.

now i have backed everything, the STL file can be exported and it works, but the STEP fils not.
there is an error: “STEP export does not support meshes or annotation objects. 6meshes and 0 annotation objects were exported.” i clicked ok, and i had an empty STEP file

another question, what exactly do i have to backe ? everything ?

Hi Dan - If you want to export to the STEP format, you will have to make sure that you work with NURBS objects in Grasshopper only.

Only that what you need…

i only have a gyroid-form, and i can not simply backe it.
every field in the “programm” ist backabel. Thicknes is backable, some “boxes” (i even don’t know what are they for) are backable.

I just need a STEP file to run a CFD Flow Simulation. I have no idea how Grashopper works , and i hopped that Rhino+GH+YT-Tuorial would simply export my STEP file :smiley: :see_no_evil:

I suppose there’s not enough magic in the world…
I would recommend to learn the basics of Rhino and object types. Then learn the basics of Grasshopper. After that, try something in Grasshopper and come here to ask clear and concise questions when you get stuck somewhere.

@ Wim Dekeyser “Hi Dan - If you want to export to the STEP format, you will have to make sure that you work with NURBS objects in Grasshopper only.”

this means, if the Geometry from the YouTube Tutorial is not made with NURBS objects only, there is no chance to change it to get a StepFile ? so i would have to build a new Gyroid based on nurbs objects ?! right ?

Hi Dan - that’s basically correct, yes.
If the resulting mesh is simple enough, you could try running it through the MeshToNURB command to transform each mesh triangle into a NURBS surface. If the mesh is heavy, this will be problematic. Also, it might become too heavy to be handled by the CFD application that you are using. But you could always try.

Thank you very very much, dankeschön !

MeshtoNURB works great. i can export the Step File and work with it.