Export with same polygon count

What file formats will preserve the polygon count when exported? I have reduced the polygon count of a model and need to preserve this. 3ds and OBJ increase it.

Hi Alex,

Without a sample model I’m guessing but I do see that 3ds will force triangulation which changes your quad count. Is that what you’re running into? I don’t see this with obj however… the polycount stays the same including the quads.

I use OBJ or PLY when exporting to Blender…both keep the quads and tris exactly.

Hi Alex- the polygon count is of the current render meshes, but if you export, you get to set the meshing parameters on the way out- these will not generally be the same as the current render mesh settings- but, instead of meshing on the way out, use ExtractRenderMesh and export those directly. Any luck with that?


Also 3ds is limited to a quite low polygon count by the 3ds specifications. Maybe you got polygon count problems by this limit. I’m not sure what the count was, since I don’t use it anymore. For me OBJ works well.