Export vector to scale?

Is there a setting to adjust the output scale of a vector from Penguin?
It seems to be arbitrary with no link to the original file?

For example, a 1640mm long item in a Rhino model, exports at 119mm into Illustrator?

It is, off course, possible: do the math with the AI export option --> preserve model scale

Thanks Piem, What I am trying to achieve is setting the scale in the rendered output of Penguin (not an ai export from Rhino).
Is there a global setting in Rhino to always export ai files at a predetermined scale?

Yes (by clicking the remenber option) BUT, You SHOULD NOT !
Every plans and artworks have different scaling depending on customers.
What I do for every customer is to create and place a txt file with the correct settings (e.g. in the customer folder)…it will help you to set a NEW conversion by project.
Do you understand me ?
Anyhow: NEVER user the “remenber” option in the export option…it will force you to do some extra work on the Rhino prefs…and that is an (not really) issue about the rhino crew should think about.

Anyway Rhino will rember your last scale conversion until a new one.