Export using current cplane

Is there some way to export using the current cplane rather than having to rotate the parts you want to export.

Thanks Mark.

Hi Mark- no- but you can make this relatively painless with a RemapToCplane macro that includes an Undo at the end.

! _RemapCPlane _Pause _CPlane Top _Export _Pause _Undo

Does that get at what you need?


IIRC, this one should be in the wish list from the times of Rhino 1 … Isn’t it ? :wink:

Hi Pascal

That almost works, I made a couple of changes. You need 2 Undos at the end and you need to reselect the objects after the remap for the export. This is what I came up with. It works with pre or post selection and saves to a temp IGS file.

! _RemapCPlane _Pause _CPlane Top _SelNone _Export _SelLast _Enter
C:\temp\temp.igs _Enter

Thanks Mark.