Export units to json

Dear @karamba3d,

Would it be possible to export the base units in the json? Now the units that are used can only be derived from sanity check’s, but this is not always reliable.

  • Cheers Jurriaan

Dear @jurriaanfloor,
in K3D the base units can be derived via script like this:
RetrieveBaseUnits.gh (2.7 KB).
I haven’t found yet a proper solution for defining physical units inside a gh-definition. This is the reason why they are not exported together with the model in one json file.
The latest try in K3D 2.2.0 with the ‘Settings’-component, where one can set the base-unit for length input, caused a lot of confusion. The problem is, that the order in which the GH-components get executed when placed in different, converging branches is not defined.
– Clemens