Export to v5 font

when exporting a r6 to a r5 the font used in lines of text is set to the standard font instead of the used different font
that should not be i think

The entire annotation system in Rhino was rewritten for RH6 and I don’t think you should expect it to be backward compatible with Rhino 5. @lowell?

ok that might be , but what when exporting as dxf then all fonts standard ? when exporting to a different version i think it should be 100% . else it is not exporting , it is just text… no nurbs or something difficult only the font name that is exported

@robo, @wim -
Annotation was rewritten for V6. There are features in V6 that aren’t in V5. Some things can’t be displayed the same in both versions. Because of that, not everything can be represented exactly the same, but most things can and more can be closely approximated.

A lot of work has gone into getting things to look right saving between V5 and V6. There are gaps, some of which we know about and some of which, I’m sure we don’t.

One thing that is pretty high on the list to fix is that per-object overrides on annotation in V6 don’t export to V5. Different fonts and other settings used in DimStyles do export to V5 and round-trip back.


Text V6
Text V6 to V5

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ok noted.