Export to STL, save as existing file


Just a quick question, is it correct that when I try to overwrite an existing STL file using the save dialog from “Export selected” Rhino appends the new coordinates rather than actually overwriting?

I just now ended up with a bunch of duplicate surfaces, and this is the only reason I can think of. If so, is this a deliberate design choice?


Nope. When saving, Rhino will not “merge” a file being saved with an existing one of the same name. Either it completely replaces it, or it needs to be saved with another name. If you have duplicate surfaces in the result, the problem is upstream…


Thanks for the quick reply, Helvetosaur. I’d tried to replicate the issue (which I obviously should have done before posting here) without getting the same results.

Please disregard the whole thing, another pebkac on my account.