Export to Revit with rhino inside

Hello everyone,

I am trying to export my model made with visualarq for a rhino WIP version to finally be able to export it to revit with Rhino Inside. Unfortunatelly I am struggling to import this model to revit with the massage “failed to start the appearance asset edit mode”. I want my model made with visualarq to be exported to Revit as my priority, but, i would like to have this realtime connection of this visualarq model i made with revit, just as the Rhino inside make it possible. Anyone know a way to do this?


Hi Leonardo,
We are working on the VisualARQ support to Rhino Inside technology in VisualARQ 3. Thist will make it possible to run Rhino and VisualARQ inside Revit and send VisualARQ models to Revit easily.
You can see here an example: https://youtu.be/B_ZMPhcrgsE

But without VisualARQ 3 for Rhino 7WIP you will read VisualARQ objects as block instances, so you can just send these blocks to Revit as geometry with data, but no parametric features at all.


I tryed to export visualarq 2.8 elements to revit via rhino wip and the geometry won’t go to revit unless I explode blocks, same happens with lumion or any other software and i really don’t know why. I am exporting with a grasshopper simple definition with “add geometry directshape”, the problem is that since i need to explode the geometry, it gets messy and i get problem with trims rhino does whenever the blocks are exploded… Where can I download VA 3 for rhino wip?

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We are working on a VisualARQ version compatible with Rhino 7 WIP. I’ll let you know when we publish it.

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Hi all, VisualARQ 2.9 is out, and it works with Rhino 7 Beta. That means you can already test VisualARQ running inside Revit!

VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.9 released (for Rhino 5, 6 and 7)

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why visual arq is now in verson 2.11?

I still cannot use VA in revit. It doesn’t appear in RiR, in grasshopper it doesn’t show VA tabs and in rhino it has the tab but return command unknown.

Hi Leonardo,
It looks like VisualARQ is not loaded properly.
If you are trying to run VisualARQ from a Rhino that runs “Inside” Revit, but it is not loading, take a look at this post: VisualArq / Rhino.Inside Revit problem
Please let me know if that fixes the problem.

Thanks, now I can load visual arq inside revit!

Something that is still bugging me out by revisiting this post I could see that VA were in 2.9 version but whenever I download the update from VA site, I am getting 2.11 version am I missing something or doing it wrong?

Also I would like to compliment for the released video and definiton from 2 days ago in VA channel. Really nice, thanks a lot but perhaps could have a little further explantion on the doors or windows instaces.

Hi Leonardo,

I don’t understand what’s wrong here. The VisualARQ 2.9 version was released last year, October 2020. Now the current version is VisualARQ 2.11. And we are close to releasing VisualARQ 2.12. We always offer the most recent version of VisualARQ on the website.

We will be providing more example of interoperability between VisualARQ and Rhino.Inside.Revit from now on. Stay tuned!

It is confusing because 2.9 > 2.11, that is why I thought I was missing something… but maybe it was 2.09 version of VA.

Sharing definitions is really good!

Hi Leonardo,
You are right, I understand the confusion now. We should have named VisualARQ 2.9 as 2.09 to make it clearer that the 2.11 version is newer.

Hi Francesc @fsalla
when will 2.12 version public release will be available ?

@user992 version 2.12 is almost ready. It’s a matter of days or weeks maximum.

Can’t wait for it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: