Export to PDF - missing lines

Im having trouble emailing clients PDF’s exported from rhino MAC

The clients are not computer savvy and don’t use Adobe PDF viewer to open the PDF, they just use the “internet viewer”

When viewed the file come out with missing lines and lacks a lot of information (See below)

The PDF’s come out fine when viewed in Adobe acrobat ect…

does anyone know any solutions to this problem?

In a case like this, an image file is useless.
We need to duplicate the problem so please send a small sample file with instructions on what you’re doing so we can repeat the problem here.

Spec_House_Test.3dm (10.1 MB)

here is one of the elevations from file,

file - print
page size- 44" x 30"
scale 1/4" = 1’
raster (vector has the same results)
media and quality - best

export as PDF

send email as attachment

when the file is viewed in the internet viewer the file is missing information visually (prints fine and can be viewed fine in adobe acrobat) but the clients receiving the email hardly know how to use computers.

thank you!

It appears it’s a combination of the limitations of the less powerful viewers, and the large sheet size you’re using.
It looks like the skinny lines (0.25mm at 44x30) are sampling down too small. If you print to a Tabloid size sheet size instead, they look a lot better. I assume this is because the lines are wider.

Since Rhino is making a valid PDF file, I don’t think there’s anything to be done on this end.
The receiving party will have to “up their game”, or you’ll have to send them a dumbed down PDF they can deal with.

That makes a lot of sense,

the solution i have been using has been to send both PDF’s and JPG’s, but that gets messy

Ill be sure to try sending out Tabloid

Thank you