Export to Parasolid x_t

I’ve sent a model of an assembly to a supplier. They use Solid Edge. We’ve tried STEP and Parasolid x_t which both seem to work ok wrt bringing in the solids. There are several stock parts and small fittings in the model which I have created a) on their own layers, with each layer carrying the part name & product code, and b) named each part in Properties. Unfortunately, SE doesn’t seem to be able to pull either of these text attributes through its import process. I know the data is there (in the STEP format, at least) as I’ve successfully sent similar models to other suppliers that use Catia and Solidworks.

Is there a setting in Rhino or Solid Edge that I’m missing that will make this work?

You could try making the parts into blocks and name them with the part numbers.


@tim, I suspect this is just not supported in our x_t export - do you have an idea?



So: Tried making the parts into blocks, naming each one with its part number & description. I’m pleased to report that it works nicely (well, the STEP export does; less so the Parasolid one), the model tree in Solid Edge showing each block as an item with the correct name, in full. Any spaces in the name are handled without a problem. Thanks for the suggestion Mark!

It does make editing the parts a bit of a PITA though!