Export to AI make modern (Wish)


I hope this old .eps / .ai format Rhino uses to export as Adobe Illustrator can be modernized in Rhino 6. I am not sure if this is related to Make2D, but it needs it. As someone who works between Rhino & Illustrator a lot, thanks,

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An updated AI export and a native SVG export would be great, keeping smooth splines as smooth splines.
Affinity Designer can’t read the ages old AI Rhino exports (based on Illustrator 8 / EPS).
PDF is a kludge for this usecase and EMF is only available on Windows.




dont believe in particular.

but if a new ai export would be taken serious, i am all in.
exporting with this ancient post script is flawed since i got to know rhino.

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From what I understand, exporting to a modern AI format is pretty much the same as exporting to PDF. A new PDF exporter is something that we have had in our sights for a long time. We’ve been structuring the code so this is more ‘possible’ to do right in the future.

.ai export

Thanks @stevebaer onwards and upwards!