Export to AI from WIP v7 question


has the export to AI been updates from old EPS format?

I need to do some 2D drawings and wondering if v7 would be better than v6 or even v5?

also is Serengeti Mac just v7 or does v6 apply here as well? I have been out of the Rhino loop for a while.

If this is has been answered point me in the right direction, I couldn’t find anything recent about it.


@tim My memory is a little fuzzy here. Do you know the answer to this question?

Thanks Dan,

I am just curious and trying to keep my hand in Rhino.


Hello, the ai output format is (or might be) an old AI_3 uncompressed. At least for V6

@piem, yes it is an old eps format and the same used probably from Rhino 3. This was discussed a few years ago and I am wondering if it plans to be updated for V7.

Here is the original thread from 2016 where @dan mentioned that the export to AI is an export to EPS format.

Dans mention of it …

A long time ago , I was aware of the rhino3D illustrator export limitations, and I’m currently doing these exports whith acceptation of what Rhino can’t do at the time of writing. I was enough glad to get an Illustrator export. (which many 3d programms do not handle).
Does Zbrush export AI format? ah ah ah ah …let gets dumb., Does autocad export AI ?

I don’t remember, I was using it some at around the same time. I have an old copy but it is not installed on this laptop.

Yes it is nice to have an export to AI from Rhino. I am actually using it more these days as I can draw faster and the math is better in Rhino than Illustrator.


Just to add that Zbrush, being a sculpting App does not have NURBS. so obviously it cannot [and does not need to] export/import vector geometry. It has a live link to PS which is what users often need for their work in there.


Thanks @Akash, that does make sense now that I think about it. It also uses OBJ for 3D which ia also kind of measurementless if I remember. I did use it for jewellery and I did have a caliber plugin to help me scale.


I too use it for Jewellery.
Between it and Rhino the the only limits in design is the user, [and the level of details the printers can produce… ]
Maybe you want to revisit it? it’s a free upgrade from any old version to the current 2020 and it has evolved a lot.
Getting too far out of thread topic sorry.


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