-Export STL export settings for V6 - settings hookup mixed up?

Hmm, a previous post led me to find my STL export scripts for V5 are no longer valid for V6 - as the command line options have again been revamped… With a small :scream: moment…

Some of the settings seem a bit mixed up (to me anyway)…

First level (after Browse and setting export type to STL and giving the file a name):

Next level down (caused by UseSimpleDialog=No and UseSimpleParameters=No):

However, hitting Enter after that exports the object - but what happened to MinimumEdgeLength, as well as RefineMesh, JaggedSeams, SimplePlanes, PackTextures?

Then I figure out if I set UseSimpleParameters to Yes, then I get the following:

Clicking on DetailedOptions gets me:
Which has most of the above missing settings

And AdvancedOptions which gets me finally:

-including the missing MinEdgeLength setting…

But isn’t the SimpleParameters option inverted? I would think when it’s set to No, you would get the more detailed settings.

And why isn’t MinEdgeLength available in MeshSettings when UseSimpleDialog=No and UseSimpleParameters=No?

Once again, this is a really convoluted workflow to have to macro/script…

Hi Mitch - yeah… I think we went around and around a couple of times on this here. I admit is seems pretty messy as is, but I also recall there were ‘reasons’. I’ll have a look, thanks.


@pascal - did you find out anything? I am definitely seeing the UseSimpleParameters option hooked up “backwards” relative to logic and V5 - setting it to YES in V6 does the same thing as setting it to No did in V5 (gets you acccess to detailed options). I have created a bug report…


Edit - bump - just would like to know if this “backwards” hookup is permanent or will be reversed at some point…