Export selected as 3DM, not using default user template?

i just made of bunch of files using export selection and started dimensioning and i noticed it was using a default style and my custom one wasn’t there.

it would seem to me that when exporting selected it would use the user chosen default template so all your custom annotations, hatches, etc would get be kept with the export.

i don’t normally export selected as 3dm so i don’t know if this is a bug or by design?

Hello - I believe it will use the line types from the originating that are used by the exported objects, if not defaults, otherwise defaults.


yeah, these aren’t being used by any objects until i export them into another file, that’s when i need the dim styles. i guess i could macro an import annotation styles into the exported file. thank you.

You can make a layer with some lines using the styles you want, then just include these lines in the export.


ooh, nice trick! thank you!