Export - processing, please wait

Trying to send a dxf-file from ShapeDiver.
Have succesfully done that before.
Now all I get is “Processing, please wait”.

Any advice on how to search for the error?

The grasshopper definition is supersimple, just an internalized brep and a couple of curves

Even if I wait several minutes nothing seems to happen in ShapeDiver:

There is a small export bug currently where it gets stuck if the model contains no parameters. This will be fixed soon. In the meantime, adding a parameter to your model should fix the issue.

Great! That takes care of this little example.
Even without adding some parameters it’s possible to use the ShapeDiverExportDownload component.

Now I can do the real test which is to group my 5 curves.
But that does not work with either of the ExportEmail or the ExportDownload components, even if I add a parameter.


See the answer in your other topic: groups are not yet supported but will be in the future.