Export Problem (CSV)

  1. Create a few points
  2. Select all the points
  3. File>Export Selected

On CVS Export Options

Disable “Surround point coordinates with double quotes.”

Finish the export.

No point coordinates are exported.

Thanks for the report - as far as I can see, points are not exported either way, here.

Looks like point coordinates are covered by ‘object description’ - that needs to be included and points are exported with or without quotes.


These are my settings. The only change I did was the"Surround point …"

Hi @miano

Not sure you are after but things seems to be more responsive here regarding .CSV export.

Here’s what I get with the Surround option enabled

And without that option.

Rhino 7 for Mac
Version 7 (7.7.21151.13002, 2021-05-31)

Rodolfo Santos

What I have found from playing is that you can get the points in separate column if the right combination of columns have been selected.

I have not figured out which ones are required. But the headings come out wrong.

Hi -
I see what’s going on here. For point objects, the “Object description” are the coordinates of those points. For all other values that are exported, double quotes are always added.

When you import the csv file into Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, the comma delimiter and the double quotes are automatically dropped and converted into columns. Where there are no double quotes around the x,y,z coordinates, the comma delimiter for the x,y,z values are taken as column delimiters and the y and z values are placed in the wrong column.

It looks like the solution here is to get rid of the double quotes option for coordinates.
RH-64505 - File IO: CSV - coordinate double quotes issue

Note: if you only need point coordinates, you should use the Points (txt) export option.