Export>PDF settings reset every time

I am posting this on behalf of my friends at the university who have recently changed their lasers, heavily used for cutting parts for student models. Previously they have had Epilog lasers which had the capacity to print directly out of Rhino - which had certain advantages but also certain disadvantages.

Their new machines work best with vector PDF’s. This means that much of the time they can bypass Rhino and print directly from the student-supplied PDF file. However they also still need to edit some student stuff in Rhino, plus all the staff model stuff themselves in Rhino and need to cut parts on the laser.

They tried using both Print and Export from Rhino to create PDF’s. Apparently there is a difference in the result, and the machine software seems to like the one made with Export better for some reason. The problem with using Export is that critical settings are reset EVERY SINGLE TIME they run the Export command for PDF’s. The critical settings are the View and Output Scale which revert to “Viewport” and “Scaled to Fit” every time Export>PDF is run, and that is really annoying. Plus you can imagine that if someone in haste forgets to set the scale back to 1:1, a lot of expensive material gets cut on the laser and then goes directly into the trash because it’s the wrong size.

I tested here at home.

First run - all settings have been set:

Result is correct, then immediately after a second Export is made:

The result is exactly the same in V7 and the current WIP. In a search of the forum and then youtrack, I see this issue: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-38875. Started in 2017 and concerning the then V6. Still open after now more than 5 years, and release target is not even 8.0…

It’s pretty disappointing to see that this kind of potentially expensive bug will not make it into the release version of V8, let alone be back-ported to the current V7… :frowning_face:

The upside of this is the Print command does retain the settings and that even between sessions. So we’re trying to find out from the manufacturer just why their machine reacts differently to PDFs produced with Print versus those produced with Export. I guess I don’t understand why the Print dialog can retain its settings but the Export dialog can’t… And also why they apparently don’t make exactly the same thing.

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Hey Mitch,
There should be absolutely no difference between export and print to PDF as long as you use the Rhino PDF printer in the print dialog. Do not use the Adobe or Microsoft PDF printer.

Printing from layout constantly resets some settings too.