Export Pdf - move print window / center point snap broken (Bug)

… todays classroom:

exporting pdf for laser cutter:

the print array can not be set by snappint to the center Point.
prepare data with a given print-rectangle (drawn as _rectangle)
try to set (move) the center of the 1:1 print window to the center of the prepared rectangle

workflow to repeat:

export selected
fileformat pdf
View and output scale
set to 1:1
—> window —> set
now in the command dialog “drag to define print window” Move
Point to Move From - the center snap point of the print window disappears, clicking on it returns to the main dialog, or other unwanted / unexpected behaviour.

I tried 4 of 12 computers, mac / windows, including mine Mac Os 13.5.1, Version 8 (8.8.24149.15002, 2024-05-28)
nowhere I cut set the print area centered as wanted.
might be related to custom page size.

different, bad / buggy behaviour on mac and pc.