Export of IGS file

I have faced the following problem: when exporting to igs - I am using IGS 144 type.
I am using edit type to adjust settings.
There are few Comboboxes and few Checkboxes - see enclosed.
However, it seems that only selected values in Comboboxes are saved and not a state of the Checkbox.
In that case, I need to go to Edit every time before exporting…

Can somebody look into this?

Thanks in advance,

I think you forgot something…

Thanks @nathanletwory
Comboboxes indicated in green are keeping values but Checkboxes in blue - not.


And btw - is there any way/example how to create a new type for IGES export in RhinoCommon?



I have also noticed that many options under Rhino Options -> Advanced simply dissapeared. Before I have seen export options there. In latest BETA not anymore.
Is it done on purpose?


@Dmitriy sorry, I don’t know this part, but I asked @tim if he knows

Very strange… Now I see again all of them again…
But seems that selected values in Options are not stored/saved?!
So, if I do few changes to options and then say OK and close Options window - after I go to Options again - values are not stored.
That is rather a serious issue. Can somebody take care of this?


Sorry I hadn’t replied prior to this. I have a fix and it will be in V6. It’s a little complicated because I need to make sure that my fix gets merged into, and works, in all of the various versions of Rhino in development. Here’s a YouTrack issue where you can follow the progress if you’d like.



Ok, thx

RH-42449 is fixed in the latest BETA

Ok, thanks.

In addition, I still see the following problem:
when I click “Advanced” under Rhino options - I see only limited options, but some time later complete list is available.

Why is this happening?


And another Bug in Advanced. When starting Properties - it doesn’t show anything. See enclosure.


I think this is related to Plugin Manger not working in 11/14 BETA, so probably already fixed and hopefully still so in the next BETA.