Export object with reflection of environment as a texture

I have a question I’m not sure about whether it’s possible at all or if it would give weird results.
But I have a reflective object and an environment and I want to export the object as an .obj with texture such that it looks reflective in windows 3D viewer.
This is what it looks like in Rhino which I like:

Now it looks like this in 3D viewer when I export as .obj:

So I’m wondering if there is a way to bake the environment onto the object to get more of that reflective feel of the object? I can see it won’t be the same since the reflections won’t change shape as if you would turn around the object. But at the same time a 3D scan of a reflective object still looks real, so I guess that’s what I’m trying to recreate somehow.
Is there any other ways to go about this?

Not with Rhino, but I’d export the object to OBJ, import into Blender and then do a texture bake.

Good to know, thanks.
You don’t happen to know of any good tutorials that just focuses on this particular thing I’m looking for, directed towards complete beginners?
Feel like whenever I try a tutorial for blender I get stuck because I cannot see/find something in the interface according to the video.