Export Lists an create position-numbers

Good morning,

when I have finished a construction, each beam (timber) needs a positions-number. In Cadwork (CAD-Software) this goes automatically. After that I need a list with the cross-sections, volume, length, area and so on. Is it possible to export a list with rhino or an additional tool?

For some beams I`ve created a text-point to definite the position-number. And then I measured every distance and stuff manually. But I have many parts, so I really need a better solution.

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Hi Christopher,

I’m not entirely certain I grasp all the details of what you need to do here but my first thought is to use the free Grasshopper plugin http://www.grasshopper3d.com/

You can reference geometry previously created, measure it and then extract and subsequently export that value to a csv file by right clicking over the yellow panel components and choosing one of the ‘stream’ options. Other operations of measurement such as volume would also be possible as shown. Here’s a quick ‘definition’ that should give you an idea of what I mean.

Length_Volume.gh(6.5 KB)

I bet there are other options too though like maybe VisualArq or RhinoBIM.