Export just one layout?


how to export just one layout (of many) in e.g. DWG?



Hi Michael,
Layouts typically contains details that reference the model space geometry.
So the layout and model need to be exported together.
I would recommend this procedure:

  1. SaveAs to a new file.
  2. Open the new file
  3. Delete all the excess layouts by right clicking, and picking delete.
  4. Now the SaveAS or Export to DWG.

This can be automated with a script.

Mary Ann Fugier

Hi Mary Ann,

thank you very much. That’s what I thought too.

As alternativ solution the customer was also asking for a DWG-printer driver (like a PDF-printer driver) solution. Hm? Never heard of a DGW-printer driver.

Have a nice weekend


Hi Michael,
It sounds like you are asking for the AutoCAD DXB printer!
Here is another option that while is not perfect, is interesting.

  1. Print the Layout and choose a PDF printer and Vector.
  2. Save the PDF.
  3. Open a new model
  4. Import the PDF into a new Rhino Model.
    Non-vector objects like blocks, dims, and test will be lost, unless they are first exploded.
    But the geometry is now flattened with the title block and other info.

This also works in Rhino for Mac, however, you can only print from the model since Layouts are not part of this version, yet.
There may be other solutions that users have for this situation, too,

Enjoy your weekend, too.
Mary Ann Fugier

Hi Mary Ann,

good tips. Thank you again


An alternative to Mary’s suggestion when you have lots of layouts is to -

ExportSelected the parts of the drawing you want from ModelSpace, to a new file,
In the new file create one layout to the correct page size with no Detail windows,
Copy/Paste the required layout detail windows and geometry from the original file into the blank layout in the new file.

Everything lines up correctly and you end up with just the relevant layers in the new file.

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Hi Brian,

cool, thank you too