Export Import Rhino inside Revit to RAM

Hi. I’m not yet a user of Rhino, specifically Rhino Inside Revit. However, as a structural engineer, we send models back and forth between REVIT and our analysis software, Etabs or RAM SS. The link to allow this flow of models we currently use is very unreliable. Can we use Rhino Inside Revit to send the Revit model to RAM SS and then import the fully designed model back into Rhino/Revit to update the Revit model. And continue back and forth while capturing all updates made in either Revit and RAM??
thanks for your assistance.
-Alan Miller

Hi Alan,

I think there is some potential, but would like a better idea of what the workflow is.

The idea being your etabs info would inform the Structural Analysis components of Revit which were added in 2023? or would inform the structural members (or both)?


There are some food4Rhino Etabs plugins.


Hi Japhy,

Thanks for your response.

Any revisions are mainly performed manually in the analysis software and then in REVIT.

Konstru looked like a great alternative to the Autocad link. However, their customer service is very poor and not sure the software is kept up to date.

Hope this helps.