Export/Import of IFC looses layer color

Hi guys, when I export objects to an IFC and reimport them then the layer color is lost and all layers are turned to black. Can this be fixed?


Hi @Holo, we will fix this for the next version. I’ll let you know when it comes out.

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Great, thanks!
(Just realized that I hadn’t clicked OK on the edit with the image added to the post, so that came in just now)

It’s all right. Actually the layer color is kept as Print color, but not as the Layer color, so we wil fix this.

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Actually it seems like the print color is black too, but the render material for the layer has gotten the layer color.

When I export IFC I have to make sure the layer color is correct, otherwise the objects are completely black when they are read into other programs. It seems IFC uses one color for the object as both object color and render color, is that right?

@Holo In VisualARQ 2.6 now the color by layer is kept after exporting-importing ifc files.

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