Export graph with dependencies?

I am creating a grasshopper graph, that I would like to run later on another computer (with Rhino and Grasshopper installed). In order to avoid dependency mess, I would like to export a “package” that includes not only the graph, but all of its dependencies (plugins etc), so it can function on a vanilla installation of grasshopper. Is this possible?

I don’t think so, no. If you want to achieve this kind of “portability”, you can only use vanilla Grasshopper components in your definition and if you need something else, you need to script it yourself, since the scripting components (i.e. Python, VB, C#) are default, since Rhino 6 at least.
Even with this compatibility issues can arise if users for instance have different versions of Rhino installed and Grasshopper components have changed from one version to the next, like for instance the Multiply component from Rhino 5 to 6.

I would be OK with this only working if both computers are using the same verison of Rhino + Grasshopper.

If the packages are available via the Yak package manager, they will be installed on an is-needed basis on grasshopper for Rhino 7.

Pancake’s new Portability Report should help with that, but things become complicated when third-party plugins reference other files.


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