Export gh canvas high res but with componets zoomed out?

Hi everyone!

I am wondering if it is possible to export a high res image but of the components zoomed out.

I understand the high res option crates a mosaic of images and sticks them together, while zooming in on esch cuadrant.

What I need is the same, but without zooming in. I dont need componets to be seen or read, just to understand the whole layout of the definition.

This is the export quick image option. Just what I need, but it would be great if it could have a higher resolution. If I zoom in just a little on this image I can already see the pixels.

Wouldn’t be high resolution then would it? You can set the zoom factor in the hi-res export window, so just pick the lowest zoom (1.0) and afterwards scale your image down in an image editor.

Yup, thanks David, thats exactly what I ended up doing.