Export from Photomodeler in dxf sees no curves showing

EOS Photomodeler 2019
chose as export option rhino (no version offered but surely v6 goes into v5 ? , curves surfaces as nurbs, file I open it in V5, it says made in a different version, unable to open it.

try dxf, it opens but no curves visible at all.

What to do ?
(can’t afford V6 just yet)


No, it doesn’t unfortunately. Does Photomodeler export iges?

Hi, I see IGES .igs

lacks point ID’s though which I need.


I have I see a shortcut to Rhino WIP, was that a time limited V6 ?
I thought use it if its V6 to open theexport then save it as V5, however it doesnt run .

Is there an online convert 6 to 5 ?

I have had to upgrade the photogrammetry so what was saved for V6 is gone, and other financial demands have arrived, inc new fridge and now TV replacement required, so must get this into V5 somehow, .


No that’s the future V7. You need to have a V6 license to run it.

No, there is none as far as I know, aside from the V6 evaluation version, which, if you haven’t already used up your 90 day trail period, will open V6 files and give you the possibility to save them back as V5.

Otherwise, try some of the other export formats… You are certain that the DXF is completely empty? What types of entities are you trying to export?

Curves (straight lines and bezier curves [I think they are bezier, latter drawn without handles, just very clever tool puts just the right curve down as you plot your way around a curve)
and points with number ID’s created in a photogrammetry program, EOS Photomodeler 2019.

update…MASSIVE RELIEF…I have received comms I need to edit the ini file, add an entry for rhino (was not there) , and version = 4 , or whatever version I need, it exported despite no ini entry as v6 with no coding, but I will enter =5.

Now another problem see other thread no point IDs show yet ticked such for export. got dots no numbers.


If the dots have numbers, use ConvertDots to convert dots to text.

select all that came in, run ConvertDots and nothing happens. It says Select text dots to convert.
thanks but no joy there.


As a temp workaround until someone tells me how to turn on the number IDs for the rhino export, I have had to also export as dxf which does have numbers, and group this to the rhino export which does, but doesnt !

However I can only read the numbers in top view, yet in photogrammetry they are readable as you rotate in perspective view, or view in ortho.
How do I get dxf numbers to show at any angle ?

attached are the two files.PHOTOMODELER 2019 WORK.zip (54.2 KB)

Steve…note I am v5.

Yes, what you were calling “dots” in the Rhino 3dm file are just simple point objects (according to your file above) - no text info in them.

You can run the following simple script to convert selected text objects in the second file into text dots.

ConvertTextToDots.py (956 Bytes)