Export file in PDF


I am trying to export one of my files to my desktop and then want to put it on a thumb drive to take to a laser cutter. The guy said I should convert it to either EPS , Adobe Illustrator , DXF . I think these might be all PDF files ? Either way I am having trouble. Can this be done ? I have gone to file and saved them to my desktop but my computer says it can’t read the files. Have I done something wrong. Or should I just take what I think I have done to this guy and his computer might open the files. He has a Windows machine.

Thanks … if anyone has some answers.

DXF or EPS I find good for laser cutting, you can export them from the file menu- ‘export selected’ , then choose which file format to save them as. If you don’t have Illustrator or Autocad you won’t be able open them in the respective softwares. You can still open them with Rhino. Just send your files to your laser cuttting company and just ask them to check is everything is ok.

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Thanks Milezee, I will try it . I don’t have Illustrator or Autocad.