Export exe.code

I wanted to know if there is a way I can import grasshopper code to an executable code?
I’m trying to develop an application for my business and want to share my grasshopper code without using grasshopper and rhino?
btw, I’m a beginner here :slight_smile:

Shapediver plugin to host your GH on a website looks good!

I need an offline mode, I’m using shapediver and I’m exactly looking for something like that but offline.
Thanks for answering

I don’t think this is possible then unless there is a Rhino viewer that can run the Grasshopper Player command?

I don’t know if there is something like that, In my research I just found this:
Offline ‘Shapediver’ style service/packaging/app - Grasshopper Developer - McNeel Forum

Well @kiteboardshaper is a pretty smart guy. Looks like he got something to work but its beyond me. Have you tried following what he did?

If you’re looking to create an offline way of interacting with a Grasshopper definition that doesn’t show the usual Rhino or Grasshopper interface, that should be possible with some work, but it will still require the user to have Rhino/Grasshopper installed.

There’s no way to run a Grasshopper definition without Rhino installed and running somewhere.

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Thank you Daniel!

Yet he’s using Rhino, I even didn’t want to use Rhino.
It seems there is no way for what I’m looking for.

Ok, looks like I’ve been mentioned, I’m busy tonight, back with where I’m at in the morning.


Thank you

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Hi Sara,

Where I’m currently at here is:

  • I can launch a ‘HumanUI’ controlled Grasshopper definition in Rhino 7 as a command. It use a simple Python script that is compiled as by the Rhino Script Compiler.

This you have seen in this thread:

So one of the issues with this setup is you lose all control over your GH if you close the HumanUI controls. I have got around this by listening to the window status output on the HumanUI window component and launching a second window if the first is closed that gives the option to re-open the first window. Works fine even and should give the ability to add other close down options.

The great thing about this setup is the Rhino Script Complier creates a RHI/Yak file that does not show the GH or Script files. Also you cant get to the GH script by opening GH etc.

The biggest issue I have right with this set up is a clean way to close the running GH - the only way that works is closing the whole Rhino window. I’ve got a few ideas that need to be explored to try an fix this.

Like you, my ideal setup would be ‘fully self contained exe’ something that looks like a separate application but runs GH/Rhino under the hood. Just like Shapediver looks like a custom web app but runs Rhino/GH on the server side.

The most interesting/promising thing I have seen so far is the ‘Rhino,inside,WPF’ and ‘Rhino.inside.ETO’ demos that @stevebaer has tease with:

It looks ‘probable’ that this approach would allow an GH script to be built into a self contained application that works as long as there is a licenced copy of Rhino on the machine in question.

For now I’m only going to be working on making my GH script feel/act as first class plugin, but the self contained app looks so good I’ll work on that more in the future.



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