Export Display Mode to Illustrator

When I Export a viewport I would like it to respect the Display Mode:

Am exporting this:

And getting this:

Often really just want the silhouettes when working in 2D.

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To get curves you need to use make2D first :slight_smile:

The displaymodes will only generate bitmaps (pixels)

Then let it be considered a feature request :slight_smile: Don’t see the need for the user to go through the extra step.

I don’t think this is possible even conceptually until such time that universal standards for objects and how displays are generated.

Illustrator and Rhino use very different technology to generate their displays.
There are no standards that are shared between developers.

I am looking for a reasonable representation. Since Rhino has to flatten 3D representations onto screen space (for the viewport and make2D, at some level, it can create a representation). Those engines can be tweaked to produce the output needed.

The way I would approach it is to have user research sit down with users and understand what aspects of different representations are important. From there look at how they are represented technically in Rhino and what would be possible representations in AI/PDF/SVG. Next I would classify and prioritize what visual transformations/details/effects are more important over others. That would give a prioritized list that can be turned in technical reqs.

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How would that be different than getting the display you want in Rhino, then running ViewCaptureToFile or ViewCaptureToClipboard, and using that 2d image?

I would like the results to be vectors so they are scalable.

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