Export custom data types from rhino.compute

Hi everyone,

I’m working with rhino.compute and I need to export a list of meshes as draco-compressed strings with some additional data for each mesh. My naive first attempt was to create a list of Dictionaries with the mesh-strings and additional data as separate items in this Dictionary.

I created a custom component where I create a

System.Generic.Collections.Dictionary<string, object>

from the data I need to include (including the compressed mesh-string) and then I wrap it in a GH_ObjectWrapper before I output it. I then output the list of wrapped dicts to a RH_OUT: parameter of the type data.

The problem is that there is no data output from this RH_OUT: parameter when I try to parse it after the scrip has run. My guess is that rhino.compute can only handle native grasshopper data types and not my custom type but I’m not sure. Does anyone have experience with this stuff?

@stevebaer @fraguada

I would output the strings and the meshes separately from your definition and then combine them in the client of rhino compute.


thanks for your answer. That’s what I thought as well, thanks for confirming it. :slight_smile: