Export and optimization

I decided to crate freeform gridshell with rhino and grasshopper And do the optimization process on it with MATLAM

I need for the coordinates of the points and the nodes that connect.
how to get it

Please advice me


Hi can you explain your intended process in more detail?
Can you share a sample file?
What format would you like to output the data in?

Hi Thanks for reply
Suppose I have a gridshell
now I need all the grid points with coordinates x, y, x(all nodes).(like Excel file)
also I have to know about Number of each node, Which nods are connected together

OK I see. How about saving it as an stl file? That should contain the connectivity info and I imagine there must be a Matlab importer for stl out there somewhere…?

I have stl sample file like this attached file but i cant import to matlab,

test.stl (76.3 KB)

I’m looking for a way to import the file to MATLAB and I can to have access to the points,
if I have coordinates and connectivity info i can write program in MATLAB for read points and create form again and continue…
now if you know another way please advice me

Hi does this work?

Hi Dear friend,
I thinks, its good, I will try test this way and answer my result at this here,
also I found a good guid file like your Idea
Lecture 19 – Interfacing MATLAB with CAD.pdf (3.5 MB)

I test it but only whit this way I can open file and get a photo like this attached file,my original file with STL format is gridshell,
I can not see gridshell and points and the nodes that connect.
also I find in MATLAB information following:
FV = STLREAD(FILENAME) imports triangular faces from the binary STL file
indicated by FILENAME, and returns the patch struct FV, with fields ‘faces’
and ‘vertices’.

[F,V] = STLREAD(FILENAME) returns the faces F and vertices V separately.

[F,V,N] = STLREAD(FILENAME) also returns the face normal vectors.

test.stl (76.3 KB)