Export a curve to a new file brings all materials with it... why?

This seems like a bug to me.

When I have a complex file with many materials and export a single curve to a new file then all environments and materials are exported with it. (I like that the current environment is exported though!)

Is this as intended?
The new file became 16MB…
After opening and purging and saving it became 9MB
And after deleting the unused environments it became 4.3 MB.

After inserting two files to it as reference blocks it became 22MB (the two files are both around 50MB each) That too seems like a lot of bloating for adding two files that should only hold position, rotation and scale…

When I save that “ASSEMBLY” file then it says that it is packing the texture of one of the inserted files, and that seems unnecessary as it is already packed in the inserted file.

Hi Jorgen - I agree this seems wrong but I do not see this happening here in my quick test…


Hm. The file I exported from has linked files in it. Maybe there is something causing issues there. I’ll see what I can reproduce from scratch.