Export 3ds to rhino with material


(Xiix Xoox) #1

i have model of 3ds max and i want export it to rhinoceros but don’t change material. do you help me?

001_plant 3dsmax 3dmodel Maxbrute.rar (3.4 MB)


Are the materials from Vray?

(Xiix Xoox) #3



What about exporting a vray proxy? They are compatible between Rhino and 3ds Max.


i export from 3d max as vrscene and the import it into rhino! (it’s true you need to have 3d max installed)


Do you need to own two v-ray licences both for 3ds max and rhino?

(Xiix Xoox) #7

Yes! I want. If you have please send me?

(Marc Gibeault) #8

From Max you need V-Ray to export a vrscene. In Rhino you need V-Ray to render with V-Ray :wink:

(Rheinason) #9

This is a very common problem that I face frequently. A tutorial on how to get a 3ds max model with vray materials into rhino in the most effective ways would be great to see. The addition of VRscenes has been excellent and made a huge impact on how I deal with importing models between the suites, but leaves much to be desired in customization after import, a VRmesh is also decent, but for complex objects this becomes extremely tedious and difficult. I’ve had some luck using a script(DetachbyID) that detaches parts of the model by render material and then exporting this as an OBJ, but this still leaves the task of reapplying often 20-30 materials back onto the model inside of Rhino. As most of the render resources are only available as a vray 3ds max file it would stand to reason that this workflow is common for many fields, especially Arch Viz.

(Xiix Xoox) #10

i don’t see vrscene in vray 3.4 for rhino. How can add them in object and render?