Exploding a block definition in GH?

What is a good way to explode a number of blocks?

If I use PlaceBlock its super easy, I just pass the original name and it will use the Block Definitions in the Rhino file.

But it seems if I want to explode those Block definitions, there is no way to achieve this. The Explode Block component is asking for Block Instances. So even if I filter by the name of the block, it will find all the instances of the Block and explode each one. Since there are literally more than 100.000 blocks in our file, this is taking very long indeed.

There must be something I am missing on how to achieve this. PlaceBlock is super quick and clearly it is possible to reference the Block Definitions and not the Instances.

Update: I found a good solution to this problem using a C# component thanks to @Baris here: Get various blocks in c#