ExplodeBlock breaks texture mapping

Hi there! Sometimes I’ve found ExplodeBlock to leave fewer geometric mistakes, especially when dealing with a lot of objects. ExplodeBlock always removes texture mapping, which is also a pain.

I’ve found Explode to lead to some unexpected results sometimes:

It seems to be related to the current viewport.

Hello @rheinason,

Could you share the file with us sending it to visualarq@asuni.com? Which VisualARQ version are you using?

I guess here you are referring to the loose of the wall extend and the break in the corners. Something else?

I’m using
But this issue has persisted across all of the versions that I’ve dealt with.

The File was just 4 walls extended up to a roof, a couple of doors and windows.

Yes, but sometimes I’ve found that I’ve lost a door or two. And it’s very fickle. I still think a solution like I mention here would be better:

Hi @rheinason,

Ok, I could reproduce some of the errors so I’ll add them to our wishlist.

About the ExplodeBlock command, take into account you need to assign the material to the objects inside the block if you want them to stay after exploding the block. So, when you apply them, you should say yes in the following dialogue:


The issue I’m having is the texture mapping, not materials.

Hopefully you mean Bug List?

Hi @rheinason,

Yes, I meant Bug List.

What I could reproduce is that running the ExplodeBlock command removes the material when it hasn’t been assigned to the objects inside the block, which makes sense. As it removes the material, it also removes the texture mapping.

So, do you still have the material applied with a different texture mapping after running the ExplodeBlock command? In that case, please, share the file or tell me how you assigned the material and the steps to reproduce the issue.

Kind regards,

I assign a material within the Wall Styles dialogue, then I add texture mapping and the when running Explode Block I loose the mapping, but the material stays:

Hello @rheinason,

Ok, I could reproduce the problem now. I have just added the issue to our bug list with your vote.

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Hi @rheinason, we have just released a new version of VisualARQ (2.12) which this issue you reported.

You can check here the news of the new version: VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.12 released