Explode Polyline - unable to explode "co-linear" segments

I have a question on exploding a polyline.

(I am running on the latest SR 6.8)

I am unable to explode co-linear segments of a polyline !?!

Rhino 5 does this and I think the SR before 6.8 also did it.

Is there a way to “unlock” this?

thx Udo

Hmm, that’s an interesting feature, I like it actually. Looks like it runs SimplifyCrv before exploding… However, I don’t see a way to disable it for the moment, so you might need a script to get the original behavior. Do you need it to work this way often?

I didn’t. It’s fixed in a more recent version.
I’ll look up the YT item(s)…

Hmm, would be nice to have the bug as an option… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes I need this behaviour, luckily Grasshopper still behaves the old way.

On the other hand Grasshopper kills my “SystemPoints” when generating a polyline, it kills the co-linear points and makes a single segment.

Sometimes simplification is a funny business

Is this an option for future releases to have a boolean toggle to simplify the polyline cration or not.

thank you all.

Option? We don’t do options! :roll_eyes: :man_facepalming:

At any rate, there’s more information in the linked issue: RH-48081

I guess that if the option existed, it wouldn’t be too bad if only the point in the middle was also deleted - as you would expect from a curve simplification. But, hey, you can get that behavior by running SimplifyCrv after you have created your polyline.

Now this is completely NUTS !
It screws up my workflow big time.
Why do such a stupid thing ?
If I want to simplify my polylines, I’ll just go ahead and do it, but Rhino doing it in my back is just a PITA !!!

Hi Olivier,
The fix for this bug is in SR 10 that should become available as a release candidate later this month.

Thanks Wim,

But please guys, stop breaking stuff that has been working forever !
This made me lose half an hour during a busy day in a tech meeting with a client, the worse possible scenario.
You feel like you’re going completely crazy, like the fabric of reality is disolving around you.

The “your mom is not your mom” kind of moment…

I know what you mean - I had that feeling when I ran into that one myself :wink:

I can only say that we really do try not to break things - while at the same try trying to improve things that obviously are connected…