EXPLODE BLOCK is not working

Rhino 5. Running on Parallels.
The Explode Block command is suddenly not working. Says Unknown command : Explode Block
Can someone help find a fix for this. Thanks !

Your question implies that it recently worked. What did you change between then and now? Did Rhino automatically update? (or you update it manually?)

I think the command you are looking for is Explode.

Not on a Rhino at the moment but ExplodeBlock is in the help file so I suppose it should work. But, as Sam says, Explode also works on blocks.

If Parallels is the problem I don’t know. And it looks like you run Windows 7 on it.

@SamPage The difference between ExplodeBlock and Explode is that ExplodeBlock explodes all levels of a nested block, While Explode will only explode one level.

ExplodeBlock is part of the RhinoLabsTools plug-in that is automatically installed with Rhino. For some reason it is not loading. Can you go to Options>Plug-ins, find RhinoLabsTools in the list and check to see if the “Enabled” column is checked for the plug-in?


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