Expired rhino

i thought once the rhino trial period expired one could use a non-save version of the application.
is that option no longer available? if it is how does one access that version when one is asked for a license key though you’re not ready to purchase one yet.

Yes, that works, but only if the license is used ‘Locked’ or stand-alone.
Expired licenses don’t work in the Cloud Zoo.

Go to:
Remove your license.
Add it ‘Locked’ to your computer.

Any luck?

how do i “remove” and "add and lock my license to my computer my license when i clicked on the “manage my accounts” button i don’t get any of those options.
a step-by-step approach will be appreciated.

Login to your account and remove the expired license:

To Remove a Personal Cloud Zoo license

  1. Go to the Rhino Web site Licenses page (log in to your account if necessary)
  2. Click your name in the Personal licenses section
  3. Click the license name
  4. Click Remove

Add the license Stand Alone:

  1. Single computer licensing [McNeel Wiki]

since sending the last email i’ve been able to remove the license from cloud zoo , now i do i get it locked to my computer

Start Rhino
Choose the option to enter a license key.
Choose the option to ‘Lock’ it to that computer.

thanks that worked