Expired problem

Excuse me, im using rhino for a few months now, and im having troubles with the latest version of rhino for Mac. After i install the newest version of the program it keeps telling me that it had expire. I ve delete all the oldest version of the rhino and re install the newest version but still not working. It would be amazing if someone can help me with this problem.

Thank you very much

Please try the 5A805w release which was just released. If that does not fix your problem, please give the exact wording of the error message.

when i put the validation code , it say invalid , and then when i go for help :

message: Código de validación no válido
code: 903
country: 0
email: barbierisanti@gmail.com
serial number: 4-10500-0106-100-0025336-61153
validation code: 00561E5132740024EAA2
manual validation: true

This looks like something @brian needs to have a look at.
I’ll let him know.

I just solved the problem thank you very much . The validation number that was sent to me on my email account wasn t the same one that appears on my rhino.