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This is not allowed using standard tools.
I am looking for solution that will change IMPORTANT NUMBER when there is FALSE or simply caries on when TRUE.
Let’s say, the NUMBER is 1, when false it changes to 2, another false: 3 until resulting with TRUE.

I have tried with Hoopsnake, Anemone or Trigger but no success. I have no experience with looping data though. Maybe I am missing something.
Uploading file is not possible. It depends on many external things.
It can be proved on something really basic.

not sure I have fully understood what you are trying to get… this looks overcomplicated :slight_smile: (11.7 KB)

Hi Inno
It’s close but still not there.

What I was hoping for is that the true output at the end will stop the loop, but that’s the loop within the loop. It is feeding the loop result to itself. Still a headbanger for me :slight_smile: